What I stand for:
This is my life, and i will live it in the way I want to. I will not let others change my opinions, I am my own person. I know what I want from life, and I will make sure I get there.
Lots has happened:
So much has gone on in my life, and most people won't understand me.
I keep the ones I love close to me, and I will never let them go.
Music taste:
Three days grace, Rise against, Blessthefall, You me at six, and Asking Alexandria are all brilliant.
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I really very much want to know about the scandal that is afoot in England...


OOOOOOH anon there’s been an ouTRAGE

basically there’s this show called The Great British Bake Off where a group of contestants are given baking challenges and are judged on what they bake and each week someone is sent off and it’s one of the most watched shows in Britain and EVERYONE is obsessed with it and the results are discussed on National Radio every Thursday because Bake Off is A BIG DEAL

and tonight, they were baking Baked Alaska so they all had to put their cake in the freezer. What could possibly go wrong here, right? WRONG. A woman named Diane wanted more room so she TOOK SOMEONE ELSE’S CAKE OUT OF THE FREEZER.

So his whole dessert melted and got ruined and he got really upset and threw it away and she pulled faces at him behind his back and then he was too nice to tell the judges it was actually her fault so HE GOT SENT OUT AND SHE DIDN’T EVEN APOLOGISE.

Basically nothing gets Brits outraged like a blatant display of bad manners when baked goods are at stake #BakedAlaskaGate2014